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Let's Create The Cake of Your Dreams

Cora's Cakes specializes in crafting completely custom cakes that are perfect for your special event. From a baby's first cake smash to a cake in celebration of marriage, I create cakes that are not only delicious, but also decorative and special. My cakes are handcrafted with love to ensure that every bite is as memorable as the moment. Contact me today to get started on creating your dream cake.

—Pngtree—hand drawn black and white_5388

I am so excited to partner with Sage Photography CT to offer a Smash Cake Photoshoot service! My unique and beautifully crafted cakes are perfect for your little one to smash into while Sage Photography CT captures the moment in stunning detail. These photos are sure to become a cherished memory, and with our delicious cakes, your child is sure to have a smashing good time!

Cake Smash Photoshoots

—Pngtree—hand drawn black and white_5388
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